Teco: search for perfection and innovation

Teco has been operating in the refrigeration sector for more than thirty years! High technology, low consumption, high-quality materials, above-standard performance, safety. These are just some of the characteristics of the TECO branded products, now well known all over the world. The design and production of our refrigerators have been carried out to guarantee the customer high levels of quality both in the materials used and in the choice of components. We design a complete range of professional refrigeration units, with the main aim of favouring and streamlining the work of cabinet and refrigerated counter manufacturers.Our success relies on a continuous search for increasingly advanced refrigeration technologies with a low environmental impact. Innovation not only concerns the development of new products or interventions aimed at increasing the range of existing ones but also aims at innovating the way we carry out our activities: from production techniques to logistics, passing through information systems, marketing and communication.

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